Life Sentence for Man Sentenced in ‘Heinous’ 2nd Degree Murder of 10-month-old in Flin Flon

FLIN FLON, MANITOBA – A Manitoba man has been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for at least 13 years for the murder of a 10-month-old infant. The sentencing came after the man, Robert Alexander Bear, was found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of Chase Pearl McCallum-Fleury in the city of Flin Flon.

The tragic incident occurred on August 11, 2020, when the baby was found in medical distress at her home, while her mother was at work. Bear, who was the boyfriend of the baby’s mother, had volunteered to watch the infant after her child-care plans fell through.

The court heard that just a few days before her death, the baby suffered a broken arm while in Bear’s care. Bear, 28, was arrested in 2021 and charged with second-degree murder after a medical report concluded that the baby’s fatal injury could not have been accidental.

During the trial, no concrete explanation emerged about how or why the fatal injury occurred. The judge, Justice Sheldon Lanchbery, described the act as heinous, pointing out the lack of evidence or reasonable explanation for the baby’s tragic death.

At Bear’s sentencing, the baby’s mother, Charity Fleury, expressed her pain and anguish, emphasizing that she will never know exactly what happened to her daughter. Fleury also condemned Bear for comforting her at the baby’s funeral before he was charged, putting her family through the ordeal of a trial.

Despite the sentencing, the emotional impact of the baby’s death was evident throughout the trial, with family members expressing their sorrow and the immeasurable loss they have experienced. The Crown attorney also highlighted the tremendous emotional impact of the tragedy, reflecting the heartbreak and devastation that has affected the entire family.

As Bear was sentenced to life in prison, the judge prohibited him from possessing weapons for 10 years and issued an order preventing him from contacting the baby’s mother while incarcerated. Lanchbery urged both families to find a way forward, emphasizing the long-standing pain and trauma that both sides have endured.

Bear’s lawyer described the killing as shocking and out of character for his client, pointing out that Bear had voluntarily taken on the role of a step-parent without prior parenting experience. Meanwhile, Bear’s background, including his upbringing and lack of any prior criminal record, failed to provide any context for the tragic killing, according to court records.

Ultimately, the sentencing brought closure to a heartbreaking chapter for both families, with the hope that they can find a way to move forward while remembering the life of the innocent baby who was taken too soon.