Livestock Tragedy Spurs Call for Driver Training After Thousands of Deaths on South Australian Roads

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – The RSPCA SA has reported a concerning trend of livestock truck rollovers on South Australian roads, resulting in thousands of animal deaths over the past six months. The organization is calling for appropriate training for drivers to minimize the suffering and loss of animals in such incidents.

According to RSPCA SA, there have been five truck rollovers in the past six months, with two occurring in January alone, leading to the death of nearly 1,800 animals and the need for euthanization of many others. The scenes at these crash sites have been described as “horrific” by the organization’s inspectors.

Chief inspector Andrew Baker emphasized the trauma that these animals have been exposed to as a result of the crashes, stating that the suffering is devastating for the animals and challenging for the first responders dealing with the aftermath.

The Livestock and Rural Transporters Association SA has acknowledged the need for enhanced training programs for drivers to ensure the proper care and handling of animals during transportation. President David Smith highlighted the association’s efforts to develop comprehensive training programs that focus on animal welfare as well as the specialized skills required for transporting livestock.

While the RSPCA is not alleging any wrongdoing on the part of the drivers involved in these incidents, the organization is urging them to recognize their duty of care to the animals they transport. The Livestock SA president, Joe Keynes, expressed concern over the animal deaths but also emphasized the need for collaboration between industry stakeholders and the government to prevent further accidents and minimize the impact on the livestock industry.

The South Australian government spokesperson emphasized the importance of complying with the Animal Welfare Regulations 2012 and meeting loading density requirements when transporting livestock. It was also noted that vehicles registered interstate must adhere to South Australia’s livestock loading regulations.

The incidents of livestock truck rollovers in South Australia have prompted calls for increased driver training and industry collaboration to ensure the welfare and safety of animals during transportation. The focus is on implementing comprehensive training programs and industry-wide measures to prevent further accidents and minimize the impact on the livestock industry.