Man Claims to be ‘Captain America’ in Bizarre Arrest

TAMPA, Florida – A man claiming to be “Captain America” was arrested outside MacDill Air Force Base after attempting to enter the premises with a firearm, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Middle District of Florida. The incident took place on November 3, when Baruch Roche II arrived at the base entrance and refused to provide identification. Instead, he identified himself as “Captain America” and stated that he was an active member of the United States Southern Command.

Roche became confrontational and threatened to return to the base to confront the officers who denied him entry. His behavior became increasingly incoherent, leading security personnel to contact the local authorities. Eventually, Roche handed over his retired military identification card, which bore his name.

Roche also consented to his vehicle being searched. Upon searching Roche’s vehicle, security officers discovered a Colt AR-15 rifle in the trunk, along with five magazines containing approximately 125 rounds of ammunition. Firearms are strictly prohibited on the base. Tampa police officers who responded to the call felt that Roche posed a potential threat to the base and met the criteria for involuntary hospitalization under Florida’s Baker Act.

Roche has been charged with attempted possession of a firearm in a federal facility and faces up to one year in prison if convicted. Prosecutors have also ordered the forfeiture of the rifle found in his trunk. The incident highlights the importance of security protocols at military installations and serves as a reminder of the potential dangers posed by individuals attempting to bring firearms onto federal property.

Authorities have not disclosed any motives behind Roche’s attempt to enter the base armed, nor have they commented on his claim of being “Captain America.” However, the Tampa police officers who responded to the scene believed that he should be “Baker Acted” because of his “extreme state of paranoia and psychosis,” suggesting that “Captain America” did not possess all his marbles.