Man Takes on Carjackers and Wins with Bear Spray

Federal Way, Washington – A man in Washington used bear spray to defend his elderly mother from two attackers attempting to carjack her on Tuesday. The heroic act put an end to a crime spree that involved several carjackings and police chases in the area, according to authorities.

Officials stated that one of the suspects tried to remove the elderly lady from the driver’s seat, but she resisted, making it difficult for him to close the door. In a swift response, the woman’s son, who was parked nearby, came to her aid and sprayed the would-be carjackers with bear mace.

The son revealed in an interview that he initially tried using the bear spray on one of the attackers, but it seemed to have little effect. Undeterred, the suspect managed to get into the victim’s car but could not escape as the keys were safely stored in the son’s pocket. “His face was all red, and he was crying,” the man told KOMO News. “His girlfriend asked me what I sprayed with, and I sprayed her in the face, too.”

The suspects, believed to be a man and a woman in their 30s, were subsequently apprehended by Federal Way police at the scene. They are now facing charges of eluding police, carjacking, and hit-and-run incidents, as stated by Trooper Rick Johnson from the Washington State Patrol.

Earlier, the suspects were attempting to evade Kent police while driving a stolen vehicle in a northbound direction on Interstate 5. The pursuit came to an end when the Kent police decided to halt their chase due to the state’s stringent regulations on high-speed pursuits.

During their escape, the suspects collided with multiple cars, causing chaos on the road. Eventually, they lost control of their vehicle and sought refuge at a rest area off I-5 in Federal Way, a few miles away from their initial encounter with the authorities.

While at the rest stop, the suspects made failed attempts to break into three different cars. In one instance, they managed to open the car door of a 72-year-old woman, leading to the confrontation with bear spray.

No serious injuries were sustained by the victims during the attempted carjackings. The son expressed his disbelief that such an incident could occur and credited the bear spray for thwarting the attack, “He’s lucky I had bear spray; otherwise, I would have knocked him to the ground.”

As the investigation continues, authorities urge residents to remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings, reaffirming the importance of personal safety precautions.