Manhunt Intensifies for Suspect Kyle Clifford After Frightening Crossbow-Linked Triple Homicide in Bushey

Bushey, U.K. — Police have launched a manhunt for 26-year-old Kyle Clifford, a suspect in the brutal murder of three women in Bushey, Hertfordshire, with chilling new footage linking him to the crime scene while carrying a large, concealed object believed to be a crossbow. Authorities confirmed the identities of the victims as Carol Hunt, 61, and her daughters Hannah, 28, and Louise, 25, all relatives of BBC Five Live racing commentator John Hunt.

The haunting video captures Clifford in black attire, purposely moving from an alley with a covered item, potentially heavy with additional armaments, before driving off from close vicinity to where the murders occurred. Investigators, alarmed by the size of the concealed object, speculate on the extensive nature of the weaponry used in the crime.

Chief Superintendent Jon Conference has described the killings as a “targeted incident.” Clifford is believed to have used a cross NTi, although other weapons may have been employed. “Our primary mission is public safety, locating Kyle Clifford as swiftly and securely as possible,” Conference stated, emphasizing the deployment of significant police resources throughout North London and the Bushey area.

The three women were discovered seriously injured in a house in Ashlyn Close late Sunday evening and succumbed to their injuries shortly after. The area has since been cordoned off as a major crime scene, with extensive forensic searches underway.

Amid the ongoing investigation, authorities have voiced concerns about Clifford potentially possessing other weapons and have labeled the situation highly dangerous. Police patrols and specialist teams have been reinforced, including armed officers, as they comb the area for any signs of Clifford’s whereabouts.

The suspect, originally from Enfield, a suburban area in North London, remains at large with police and emergency services on high alert. The authorities have appealed to Clifford directly through media outlets, urging him to surrender and assist in clarifying the circumstances of the tragic events.

Local community members have been shaken by the incident, with an undercurrent of anxiety palpable in the town. While expressing their deep shock and condolences, community leaders have called for cooperation with law enforcement and urged the public to report any suspicious activity immediately.

As the hunt continues, the priority remains the immediate capture of Kyle Clifford to prevent further violence and to bring some sense of justice to the victims’ family, who are currently under police protection and too distressed to comment on the matter.