Migrant Accused of Shooting NYPD Cops Involved in Violent Queens Robbery, Victim Suffers PTSD-like Symptoms

Queens, New York – A woman from Queens, New York, recently shared her traumatic experience of being robbed by a suspect believed to be involved in the shooting of two NYPD officers. Desiree Mason, 38, spoke exclusively to reporters about the violent mugging incident that left her with symptoms resembling post-traumatic stress disorder. The attack occurred last month when Mason was forcibly pulled out of her car by a man identified as Bernardo Castro Mata, who allegedly stole her wallet before fleeing on a moped.

Mason expressed her gratitude towards the injured officers who managed to apprehend Mata, the suspected cop shooter, and take him off the streets. The native New Yorker detailed the frightening moment when the robbery took place in front of her Woodhaven home, recalling how she was dragged from her vehicle by the assailant. Mata is reportedly a person of interest in the case, according to sources familiar with the investigation.

The harrowing incident has left Mason feeling anxious and on edge, especially around individuals riding mopeds in her neighborhood. She described her newfound sense of fear as akin to PTSD, noting that she now feels nervous whenever she sees someone on a moped, fearing they might attempt to rob her. Mason’s emotional recount of the attack highlights the lasting impact such violent crimes can have on victims.

In a show of resilience and determination, Mason vowed to identify her attacker and seek justice for the ordeal she endured. Mata, an undocumented immigrant who entered the US illegally, is suspected of being involved in a series of moped-related robberies in Queens. Despite not being formally charged in connection with Mason’s case, Mata’s alleged involvement in criminal activities has drawn scrutiny from law enforcement.

The prevalence of scooter-assisted crimes, including thefts and muggings, has surged in recent years, with authorities linking such incidents to organized criminal groups. Mata’s suspected ties to a notorious Venezuelan gang, Tren De Aragua, have raised concerns about the influence of criminal organizations in local communities. As the investigation into Mata’s activities continues, residents like Mason remain vigilant and cautious in light of the ongoing threat posed by moped-riding criminals.

The unfolding story of Desiree Mason’s ordeal underscores the need for vigilance and community cooperation in combating street crimes. As law enforcement agencies work to apprehend suspects like Mata, residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to authorities. The resilience and bravery displayed by Mason serve as a testament to the strength of individuals in the face of adversity and trauma.