Minnesota Man Arrested for Killing and Dismembering Pregnant Sister, Leaving Body Parts on Stranger’s Porch

Lakeville, Minnesota – A horrific incident unfolded in Lakeville, Minnesota, as police arrested a man for allegedly killing and dismembering his pregnant sister, before placing her body parts on a stranger’s front porch. The suspect, 23-year-old Jack Joseph Ball, faces charges of second-degree murder with intent and second-degree murder of an unborn child in connection to the death of his 30-year-old sister, Bethany Ann Israel. The tragic event occurred on May 23 at Ball’s residence in Lakeville, located about 20 miles south of Minneapolis.

According to court records filed in Dakota County District Court, authorities were alerted to the gruesome crime by the siblings’ mother, who called 911 after suspecting her daughter had been killed inside Ball’s home. When officers arrived at the scene, they discovered a significant amount of blood in the kitchen, along with various weapons like a saw, hatchet, and knives, as well as dismembered body parts. Journals and notes found in the house revealed Ball’s anger towards his sister’s pregnancy.

As the investigation unfolded, police received a call from a resident in Rosemount, about 11 miles away, reporting that they had witnessed a man placing a body part on their front porch. Subsequent searches led to the discovery of additional body parts linked to the victim. An autopsy confirmed that Israel, who was about 18 weeks pregnant, had died as a result of “complex homicidal violence.”

Ball was arrested and is currently being held without bond. Meanwhile, an online fundraiser created in memory of Bethany Israel described her as a beloved figure in the community, highlighting her role as a cherished wife, daughter, sister, and expectant mother. The fundraiser aims to support funeral arrangements and assist her husband, Josh Israel, during this challenging time. As of Thursday, it had raised over $34,000 since its inception on Tuesday.

The disturbing nature of this crime has shocked the local community and raised concerns about the circumstances leading up to Bethany Israel’s untimely death. As the investigation continues, authorities will undoubtedly work to unravel the events that transpired on that fateful day in Lakeville.