“Murder” in Vermont: Three Arrested in Connection with Kayla Wright’s Tragic Death

Troy, Vermont – After being reported missing for only a few days, 29-year-old Kayla Wright was discovered dead inside a large container in far northern Vermont last week. Three individuals have been arrested in connection with her murder, as reported by the Vermont State Police.

Wright was found shot in the head on Feb. 6, in Troy. Her body was located along a sandbar of the Missisquoi River in the Big Falls area of Missisquoi State Park, adjacent to the southern border of Quebec, according to a press release by the Vermont State Police. She was last seen alive on Feb. 2.

Sara Davis, a friend from Montana, remembered Wright as a family-oriented person, constantly in touch with her loved ones despite living several hundred miles away. Wright had lived in Big Sky, Montana for about four years before moving back to Vermont, where she amassed many friends with her quirky attitude.

According to federal charging documents filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Vermont, three individuals have been implicated in a drug distribution conspiracy, which caught the attention of federal and state agents and agencies in and around Vermont. A probable cause affidavit stated that Wright had been in contact with at least one of those charged in the narcotics conspiracy on the day she disappeared.

The three individuals implicated in the drug conspiracy were not charged with Wright’s murder. The investigation into Wright’s death also seems to have involved more than what the defendants are revealing, as evidenced by detention memos for the accused, stating that the case is among the most serious charged in the district.

These details shed light on the complex nature of the case, and the extent to which Wright was involved with the individuals now implicated in the drug conspiracy. As the investigation continues, friends and family remember Wright’s caring and devoted nature, while authorities work to ensure that the truth behind her tragic demise is brought to light.