Mystery Surrounds Death of Putin Ally Who Fell from Third Floor: Latest in String of Unexplained Russian Deaths

Tobolsk, Russia – A member of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ruling United Russia party, Vladimir Egorov, 46, was found dead under mysterious circumstances Wednesday after falling from the third floor of his home. This incident occurred in Tobolsk, located in the western Siberian region of Tyumen Oblast.

Egorov’s body was discovered in the courtyard of his house with authorities launching an investigation into the cause of his death. Russian state media, including TASS, reported the incident. Notably, Egorov was also a lawyer and had faced a corruption scandal in 2016, leading to his ousting from the city administration, although no convictions were made.

This recent incident adds to a series of mysterious deaths in Russia, which have raised questions and speculation. Since the start of the conflict with Ukraine, several notable figures have died from falls, including a Russian bank vice president and a senior military officer.

Additionally, in September 2022, the chairman of Russia’s Lukoil oil giant died after falling from a sixth-floor hospital window in Moscow. The pattern of these incidents has fuelled concerns and stirred discussions among the public.

In view of these events, it is important to consider the overall impact and implications that these mysterious deaths raise, as well as the need for thorough and transparent investigations into each incident to uncover the truth behind these tragic events.