Negligence Lawsuit: Ohio Family Sues Nursing Home Over Death of Resident

CINCINNATI, Ohio – A family in Ohio has brought forth a legal case against a Cincinnati nursing home, alleging negligence and wrongful death following the passing of their relative, Dolores Niederhelman, purportedly due to an attack by another resident. The lawsuit claims that the nursing home did not act appropriately after the assault, which ultimately led to Ms. Niederhelman’s demise four days later.

Representing the family, a law firm stated that Ms. Niederhelman sustained broken shoulders after being attacked by another resident in the nursing home. Despite the incident being caught on camera in her room, the family claims that the facility did not properly examine Ms. Niederhelman post-attack and failed to notify the family members about the situation.

The lawsuit, filed by Michael Hill Trial Law on behalf of Dolores Niederhelman’s family, targets the Three Rivers Healthcare Center, an establishment within the Communicare Family of Companies. Allegedly, Ms. Niederhelman, who had a history of medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s dementia and hypertension, moved into the center in March 2021.

On January 26, 2023, a female resident allegedly attacked Ms. Niederhelman, leaving her distressed on the floor as captured by the facility’s video monitoring system. The lawsuit claims that the nursing staff did not appropriately respond to the situation, failed to notify Ms. Niederhelman’s family until twelve hours after the incident, and neglected to provide adequate medical attention.

Subsequently, Ms. Niederhelman was taken to the hospital where it was discovered that both her shoulders were fractured from the attack. Unfortunately, she faced complications from the fractures and developed infections, ultimately leading to her death on January 30, 2023. The lawsuit alleges negligence, wrongful death, and violations of nursing home resident rights against Three Rivers Healthcare Center, citing systemic failures and chronic understaffing issues.

The lawyer representing the family emphasized the importance of seeking justice for Dolores Niederhelman, condemning the nursing home’s lack of protection for its residents and mishandling of the situation. He highlighted the need for accountability to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.