Netanyahu Stands Firm: No Deal with Hamas ‘At Any Price’ Despite Widespread Protests in Israel

JERUSALEM, Israel – Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, remains resolute in his stance that a deal with Hamas to secure the release of over 100 hostages in Gaza will not be made “at any price”, even as protests continue to sweep across the country. Netanyahu emphasized his position late last night, stating, “We are working to achieve an additional framework for the release of our captives but I stress: not at any cost.”

Families and other protesters have taken to the streets of Jerusalem and are using the slogan “bring them home now” to demand the release of those still in captivity. Some have even attempted to block the flow of aid going into Gaza until the hostages are returned.

Despite the ongoing protests, Netanyahu has reiterated that the war will not end until there is “complete victory” over Hamas. However, his popularity has declined since October 7th, and he is facing increasing pressure from the public for new elections. Many Israelis hold him responsible for the security failures on that day as well as the plight of the hostages.

Netanyahu has made it clear that there are red lines that cannot be crossed in any deal with Hamas, including not finishing the war, not removing IDF from the strip, and not releasing thousands of terrorists. This stance has further fueled the growing discontent among the Israeli populace.

As the protests continue and pressure builds on the Prime Minister, the situation remains tense with no clear resolution in sight. The plight of the hostages and the demand for their release continue to be a focal point in the ongoing political and social unrest in Israel.