Officer-involved Shooting in Tulsa: Suspect Killed After Firing at Traffic

TULSA, Okla. – Tulsa Police are currently investigating an incident involving an officer-involved shooting near West Edison Street and North Gilcrease Museum Road, just south of Highway 412. The situation unfolded as a suspect, armed with a semi-automatic pistol, began firing multiple rounds at passing traffic from his vehicle.

Authorities were alerted to the situation after a nearby veterinary clinic reported the man’s reckless behavior of shooting at different cars in the area. Upon arriving at the scene, the responding officers witnessed the suspect actively shooting at passing vehicles, prompting one officer to take action and ultimately resulting in the suspect being shot from a distance.

At this time, it remains unclear whether the suspect targeted specific individuals or if the shooting was random in nature. However, police officials have reassured the public that there is currently no imminent danger to the community.

The officer involved in the shooting will be placed on administrative leave, as authorities work to secure a search warrant for the suspect’s vehicle. The road in the vicinity will remain closed for a few more hours as the investigation unfolds.

Local news outlet FOX23 is on-site, actively gathering more information to provide updates as the situation progresses. For details on any road closures in the area, viewers can visit FOX23’s traffic updates page for more information.