Parking-lot Tragedy: Family Confronts Killer of Dallas Costco Shopper

Dallas, Texas – Family members of a man tragically killed in a Dallas Costco parking lot had the opportunity to confront a woman involved in his murder. Ali Elbanna lost his life during an attempted armed robbery outside the Northeast Dallas store in November 2021. He was at the Costco Business Center Warehouse to gather supplies for his store in Arlington when a group of suspects in a stolen truck tried to rob him as he loaded groceries into his SUV.

Janiya Miller, who drove the car carrying the individuals responsible for Elbanna’s death, received a prison sentence of 35 years. During victim impact statements, the victim’s daughter, Iman Elabanna, made it clear that while Miller did not pull the trigger, she played a significant role in the killing. Camron Range, the shooter who was 16 at the time of the incident, was sentenced to 60 years in prison for Elbanna’s murder and an additional 30 years for another robbery, with both sentences running concurrently. Another individual involved, James Levels, was sentenced to 25 years for a separate robbery and 40 years for Elbanna’s murder.

Family members expressed their deep pain and grief during the victim impact statements, highlighting the profound loss of a beloved father, brother, and husband. Elbanna, who had been married for over three decades and had five children, had his golden years and bright future stolen from him as a result of the senseless crime.

Iman Elbanna shared a statement from her mother, conveying the enduring darkness brought on by the tragic loss of her husband. The family made it clear that the choices made by the perpetrators led to their current state of heartbreak and devastation. Jacoby Tatum, the fourth individual involved, will face trial in September on three aggravated robbery charges.

Throughout the proceedings, Janiya Miller listened as Elbanna’s family expressed their anger and sorrow. The victim’s nephew, Khalid Elbanna, condemned Miller for her actions, accusing her of destroying a family and bringing shame upon herself for the role she played in the tragic events. The emotional impact of Elbanna’s death continues to reverberate through the family, who are left to cope with the irreparable loss caused by the senseless and violent act.