Patricide Over Money: Man Sentenced to 22-50 Years for Killing Father

Yeadon, Pennsylvania – A man convicted of fatally beating and stabbing his father during a dispute over money has been sentenced to serve 22 to 50 years in prison, as court documents revealed. Robert Coult III, a resident of Yeadon, received the sentence after entering a guilty plea for third-degree murder, confinement, and possession of a weapon in the crime that took the life of his father, Robert Coult Jr.

The tragic incident, which occurred in September of 2018, unfolded in the Coult family home in Yeadon, leading to the father’s body being discovered near the Philadelphia Country Club in Gladwyne. Law enforcement investigations determined that the elder Coult had suffered fatal injuries from blunt force trauma and stabbing.

Details emerged that the younger Coult attacked his father with a hammer during a heated argument over a small sum of money before proceeding to stab him with a knife. Subsequently, he attempted to dismember the body with an electric saw but was unsuccessful. Coult then transported the deceased to the vicinity of the country club, where the body was discarded.

The authorities were alerted to the situation following a report of the elder Coult’s disappearance, prompting an inquiry that led them to the Coult residence on Providence Road. Upon questioning residents, suspicions focused on the younger Coult, who was subsequently taken into custody. Confessions obtained revealed the disposal of incriminating evidence across Haverford Township.

In addition to physical evidence found within the residence, video footage was uncovered that depicted Coult III’s actions. Despite the gravity of the situation, Coult exhibited a lack of remorse, even engaging in leisure activities with acquaintances following the tragic events. Claims made by Coult concerning a physical altercation preceding his father’s death were refuted by the District Attorney.

Authorities noted Coult’s demeanor following his arrest, including derogatory remarks towards the press, painting a bleak picture of the mindset prevailing in the aftermath of the heinous crime.