‘Peacock’ Original Series ‘Dr. Death’ Unveils Shocking Real-Life Stories Behind Paolo Macchiarini’s Patients

New York, NY – The second season of the Peacock original series, Dr. Death, has arrived. This season dives into the real-life stories behind the reported victims of Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, the Swedish-born Italian thoracic surgeon once considered a pioneer in regenerative medicine and stem cell research.

Macchiarini offered the first-of-its-kind tracheal transplant using the patient’s own stem cells, a procedure that was considered groundbreaking at the time. However, subsequent revelations about the accuracy of the medical research behind the procedures have brought to light numerous complications and botched surgeries, leading to the deaths of several patients.

Season 2 of Dr. Death, consisting of eight episodes available for streaming on Peacock, follows the real-life story of Macchiarini from the viewpoint of former NBC Producer-turned-Macchiarini’s romantic partner, Benita Alexander, portrayed by Mandy Moore.

The series delves into the lives of individuals who found themselves under the care of Macchiarini, shedding light on the reality behind the once-renowned doctor’s controversial procedures.

One of Macchiarini’s first patients to receive a tracheal transplant was 30-year-old Barcelona-based Claudia Castillo, who underwent the procedure at the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona. The procedure, considered a breakthrough in modern medicine, was initially deemed successful, only for Castillo to later suffer extensive complications.

Another known surviving patient of Macchiarini’s, Ciaran Finn-Lynch, was a 10-year-old boy born with a rare disorder that required a tissue-engineered transplant. Despite initially being reported as successful, subsequent revelations cast doubt on the accuracy of the information provided.

The series also explores the cases of several other patients, each with their own harrowing experiences and outcomes, shedding light on the dark side of Dr. Macchiarini’s medical procedures.

The story also extends beyond Sweden, with Macchiarini traveling to Russia to perform the transplant procedures, with mixed results and varying degrees of success and failure.

The new season of Dr. Death on Peacock uncovers the truth behind the once-lauded surgeon’s controversial and high-profile career, revealing the devastating impact on the lives of his patients and the ethical questions raised by his procedures.

Viewers are invited to explore the shocking and tragic stories of these patients, shedding light on a medical scandal that shook the world and the enduring legacy of Dr. Paolo Macchiarini.