Postal worker arrested: Shocking altercation at the post office

MIAMI – A US Postal Service employee was taken into police custody after an altercation with a man recording her on his phone at a Miami post office. The incident, which took place at the USPS Jose Marti station in Little Havana, was captured on video and shows the employee, identified as Shintell Latoya Ford, making contact with the man’s phone.

The man, Miguel Bravo, claims that Ford hit him during the encounter. According to Bravo, he had initially approached Ford to report what he believed to be her discriminatory treatment of an elderly woman who did not speak English. Ford’s response was that she did not care. Bravo continues to record, and at one point she tells Bravo to take it to the news. Bravo insists on speaking to a supervisor. In response, Ford allegedly snatched his phone from his hand, leaving a red bruise in the process. He said that she hit him “with such a force.”

Ford then handed the phone to another USPS employee before Bravo managed to retrieve it. As he tried to reclaim his phone, Bravo claimed that Ford and the other employee attempted to break it in order to destroy any incriminating evidence.

Ford, 39, spent the night in jail and was subsequently released on a $5,000 bond after being charged with robbery by snatching by Miami-Dade County correctional officers. The United States Postal Service has not issued a statement regarding the incident.

The altercation at the Miami post office highlights the potential challenges faced by both customers and postal service employees. The US Postal Service, like many other service-oriented organizations, has established protocols and training to ensure employees are equipped to handle challenging situations. Instances like this emphasize the need for ongoing training and support to safeguard both employees and customers from such confrontations.

The consequences of the incident, including potential legal ramifications for Ford, will unfold as the legal process moves forward. Bravo has already stated his intent to see her in court. He expressed shock that she elected to snatch his phone instead of getting a supervisor.

Meanwhile, the USPS has made no public comment on the case, including responding to requests to see if Ford was fired.