Principal Shot and Killed in Chicago High-Rise Triggers Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Chicago, Illinois – The family of Abnerd Joseph, a beloved assistant principal at Intrinsic High School, filed a lawsuit alleging negligence and wrongful death following his tragic shooting in a downtown Chicago luxury high-rise apartment building last year.

On the night of September 14, 2023, the Atlanta native was fatally shot in his own home, sparking a chain of events that led to the family seeking justice through legal means.

Although no criminal charges were brought in connection with Joseph’s death, his family has raised concerns over the circumstances leading to the shooting. Witnesses reported Joseph behaving erratically, prompting a neighbor, identified as Garrett Mark Smith, to respond by shooting Joseph multiple times.

The family’s attorneys argue that the building’s owners, management, security personnel, and the neighbor who fired the fatal shots bear responsibility for the tragedy. They claim excessive force was used in response to Joseph’s behavior, particularly considering his state of emotional distress due to recent changes in medication for ADHD.

Despite the neighbor citing self-defense as the reason for his actions, Joseph’s family maintains that the use of lethal force was unwarranted, emphasizing Joseph’s non-violent nature and lack of threat to others.

As the legal battle unfolds, the family continues to demand answers and justice for the loss of a dedicated educator, described by students as kind, caring, and deeply invested in their success. The impact of Joseph’s untimely death reverberates not only among his family and loved ones but also within the school community that valued his contributions to education.

The case remains an open investigation, with the family pressing for charges to be brought against those involved in the events that led to Joseph’s tragic passing. In their pursuit of accountability, the family seeks closure and resolution in a legal system that can hold responsible parties to account for their actions.