The Dark Side of Variable Annuities

During your early life, you probably rode the ebb and flow of the market, hoping to hit that investment “home run.” And why not? Even though you suffered losses from time to time, you were confident that you would bounce back, and you knew you had plenty of time to recover before retirement. As time passes, investing approaches change. Retirement is when most people think about protecting and preserving their assets, not making big market …

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Estate Planning for Retirees

As you approach retirement, your estate plans may differ from those during other stages of your life. During retirement, a comprehensive estate plan must consider your financial needs, ensure they are met, and provide additional safeguards. The following are some ways to develop this type of plan. 1.  Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance Having to reside in a nursing home or similar facility for an extended period of time can deplete your estate quite quickly. Keep …

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Consider Downsizing in Small Steps

Sifting through a lifetime’s worth of possessions can be daunting if you’re downsizing in retirement or cleaning out a loved one’s house after they pass away. In most cases, people won’t buy anything except rare books, vintage vinyl records in excellent condition, or untouched Cabbage Patch Kids.

What You Need to Know About Asset Allocation

Asset allocation aims to diversify your retirement account across stocks, bonds, and cash. When managing your allocation, your age is a prime consideration because the older you are, the less investment risk you can afford. In retirement, your risk tolerance decreases dramatically, and you cannot afford wild market swings.

Follow these five best practices for managing asset allocation to increase wealth and achieve retirement goals.

What Age Will You Retire?

It is never too early to start thinking about retirement. However, as you get closer, you need to start considering when you want to retire. It is important to do this so that you can maximize your Social Security benefits.

Make Your Social Security Check Work Harder

When viewed from a distance, Social Security seems pretty straightforward. When you work, you are required to pay into the system. Upon retirement, you can collect from it. It is true in general, but the specifics of how it is designed gives you some flexibility in how you collect the money and how you use it.

Is Retirement a Thing of the Past

‘Retirement ideals’ have been changing for years, and the unretirement of older people is changing the shape of this life stage.

Retired and Bored

Retired? Don’t know what to do? Bored retirees will be relieved to know there are many options available. Here are some ideas to help you figure out what to do after you retire

Tips For Leaving An Inheritance

It is common for us to want to leave something behind to our heirs, but what is the best way to leave an inheritance and can we even afford to do so?