Road-Rage Killer Marcus Bradley Williams Sentenced to 38 Years in Prison

KENT, Washington – Marcus Bradley Williams has been sentenced to 38 years in prison for the brutal road-rage killing of 41-year-old Jovan Satterwhite in Kent. The tragic incident occurred on January 7, 2021, near 235th Place and 88th Avenue South after Satterwhite allegedly cut off Williams in traffic. Williams was convicted of second-degree murder, as well as two counts of drive-by shooting and two counts of unlawful possession of a firearm during his trial.

During the altercation, Satterwhite was shot in the head while seated in his vehicle. Following the shooting, Williams fled the scene but was later apprehended. Subsequently, he was taken into custody after reportedly attempting to strangle a man in Burien. At the time of his arrest, Williams was also facing charges related to a separate drive-by shooting in Shoreline, in addition to awaiting trial for a fatal hit-and-run incident and a robbery.

The sentencing of Williams to 38 years in prison marks the conclusion of a tragic saga of road rage that ended in senseless violence. The court’s decision to hold Williams accountable for his actions brings a sense of justice to the family and loved ones of Jovan Satterwhite. The community in Kent can now find some closure knowing that the perpetrator has been sentenced for his heinous crimes.

Williams’ brutal actions on that fateful day have forever altered the lives of those involved, leaving a permanent scar on the community of Kent. The echoes of this tragedy serve as a stark reminder of the consequences of road rage and the importance of controlling one’s emotions in moments of conflict. The case serves as a cautionary tale, urging individuals to prioritize safety and tolerance on the roads to prevent such devastating outcomes in the future.

As Marcus Bradley Williams begins his lengthy sentence, the hope for healing and closure lingers for those affected by the loss of Jovan Satterwhite. Though no amount of time served can bring back the life that was taken, the legal proceedings in this case serve as a form of justice and accountability for the senseless act of violence that shook the quiet city of Kent on that tragic day in 2021.