Safety Concerns Raised at North Penn School District Meeting After Middle School Attack with Stanley Cup

NORTH WALES, Pennsylvania – Concerned parents and community members gathered at North Penn High School for a school safety forum following a recent violent incident at Pennbrook Middle School.

The meeting, held in response to an attack on a 7th grader at Pennbrook Middle School, aimed to address the community’s concerns about school safety protocols, policies, and accountability.

During the forum, parents raised questions about the response to incidents, the criteria for removing disruptive students, and the school district’s efforts to enhance safety measures over the years.

Dr. Todd Bauer, the superintendent of North Penn School District, acknowledged the presence of behavior problems among students in the schools and reassured parents that the district was taking steps to address safety concerns.

Parents also pressed officials for updates on the investigation into the recent assault at Pennbrook Middle School, questioning if adequate precautions had been in place prior to the incident.

Some parents expressed frustration over the lack of clarity regarding students who may pose a threat, prompting Dr. Bauer to reference a previous safe schools meeting and a judge’s order limiting discussion on the matter.

Despite concerns raised by parents about repeated behavior issues affecting their children, Dr. Bauer emphasized the district’s commitment to ensuring a safe learning environment and acknowledged the need to find solutions to address any shortcomings.

The investigation into the attack at Pennbrook Middle School is ongoing, with Stock and Leader named as the third party handling the case. A meeting scheduled for Thursday is expected to provide further details on the incident.