Safety-Driven Initiative Helps Achieve Zero Traffic Fatalities in Cities Worldwide

San Francisco, CA – Cities worldwide are proving that the ambitious goal of zero traffic fatalities is not only possible but within reach. With the implementation of Vision Zero initiatives and Safe System approaches to road safety and design, many jurisdictions are making significant strides in reducing road traffic deaths.

An interactive world map released by DEKRA, a German-based company specializing in automotive testing and research, highlights 1,273 cities across 26 countries that have achieved zero traffic fatalities in at least one year. This milestone showcases the potential for eliminating road deaths through targeted measures and interventions.

Despite a modest decline in global traffic crash deaths in recent years, the World Health Organization’s Global status report on road safety 2023 reveals that road crashes remain a critical health crisis worldwide. This sobering reality underscores the urgent need for continued efforts to enhance road safety and reduce fatalities.

In the United States, the disparity in death rates compared to countries like Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom is stark, with rates seven times higher. This alarming statistic emphasizes the importance of adopting innovative approaches such as Vision Zero to address the preventable loss of life on our roads.

The Vision Zero initiative aims to eradicate all road deaths and serious injuries by implementing a multi-layered approach to safety, taking human error into account. By focusing on creating safer road environments, vehicles, and post-crash care, Vision Zero seeks to create a comprehensive safety net that minimizes the impact of accidents.

DEKRA’s executive vice president, Jann Fehlauer, emphasizes the significance of pursuing Vision Zero, noting that every road fatality is one too many. With over 1,200 cities demonstrating the feasibility of achieving zero traffic deaths, the momentum for widespread adoption of this approach continues to grow.

Major cities worldwide, including Espoo, Finland, with a population exceeding 300,000 residents, have already made significant progress toward the Vision Zero target. The ongoing expansion and refinement of DEKRA’s interactive world map provide valuable insights into the global efforts to enhance road safety and reduce fatalities.

As countries across Europe and beyond join the movement for Vision Zero, the shared goal of eliminating traffic deaths remains a top priority. By leveraging data analysis and international collaborations, the vision of a world with zero road fatalities is becoming increasingly attainable.