Search for Suspects in Jewelry Store Robbery and Shootout in East Oakland

Oakland, California – Police in East Oakland are actively seeking at least two suspects involved in a robbery and shootout at a jewelry store on Monday morning. The incident took place on the 4100 block of International Boulevard just before 10:15 a.m. According to a statement from the Oakland Police Department, two armed suspects entered the store and threatened two employees behind the counter. In response, one of the employees fired multiple rounds at the suspects, who then returned fire before fleeing the scene in a waiting vehicle. Fortunately, neither employee was injured during the exchange of gunfire, and it remains unclear whether the suspects sustained any injuries.

Authorities have urged anyone with information about the robbery and shootout to contact the Oakland Police Department’s Felony Assault Unit at 510-238-3426. At this time, additional details about the incident have not been made public, and the investigation is ongoing.

The brazen nature of the robbery and shootout has left the community on edge, with residents expressing concern about the safety of local businesses and the need for increased police presence in the area. This incident highlights the dangers that retail workers can face while on the job, as well as the importance of implementing effective security measures to protect against such criminal activities.

As the search for the suspects continues, the Oakland Police Department is calling on the public to come forward with any information that may aid in their investigation. The incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers that law enforcement officers and store employees can encounter in the line of duty.

In summary, the Oakland Police Department is actively pursuing at least two suspects involved in a robbery and shootout at a jewelry store in East Oakland. The incident, which occurred on International Boulevard, underscored the risks faced by retail workers and the need for heightened security measures. Authorities are urging anyone with information to contact the Oakland Police Department’s Felony Assault Unit. The investigation into the incident remains ongoing.