Serial Killer Architect Arrested in Gilgo Beach Murder Case for Deaths of Two Victims

New York City, NY – A 60-year-old architect was arrested last year in connection with a series of cold case bodies found on Long Island’s Gilgo Beach. Recently, he has been charged with murder in the deaths of two additional victims, one of whom was not previously associated with the investigation. Accused serial killer Rex Heuermann has pleaded not guilty to these new charges, including the killings of Jessica Taylor and Sandra Costilla.

Heuermann was initially arrested in July 2023 in connection with the deaths of three women whose remains were discovered in burlap sacks at Gilgo Beach’s Ocean Parkway in 2010. The fourth murder was later added to the indictment. The bodies of Maureen Brainard-Barnes, Amber Lynn Costello, Melissa Barthelemy, and Megan Waterman were found during a search for a missing escort, Shannan Gilbert.

Despite the discovery of additional remains during the investigation, authorities say Gilbert’s case is not connected to the others. Jessica Taylor, another escort whose body was found, was among the victims tied to Heuermann. The recent charges stem from searches related to the case, including one that led to the seizure of a planning document for the alleged killings at Heuermann’s home.

The arrest and charges come after more than a decade of investigation into the Gilgo Beach case, which has puzzled authorities. District Attorney Raymond Tierney expressed hope that the families of the victims have found some measure of justice, emphasizing the ongoing nature of the investigation. Heuermann’s attorney maintains his client’s innocence as he remains in custody without bail.

Sandra Costilla, a previously unknown victim, was found murdered in late November 1993 in a wooded area near Old Fish Cove Road and North Sea. Evidence collected from her case, including a male hair, was eventually used to tie Heuermann to the crime. Similarly, Jessica Taylor, who went missing in 2003 and had parts of her body discovered years later, has been linked to Heuermann through DNA evidence.

As the investigation continues and further details emerge, the families of the victims are awaiting justice for their loved ones. With no trial date set yet, the case of the Gilgo Beach murders remains a significant and ongoing legal matter in New York City.