Serial Killer Suspected in String of Joliet Canal Deaths, Police Announce Public Forum

JOLIET, ILLINOIS – The deep and dangerous Des Plaines River canal in Joliet has become a site of tragedy as the Joliet Police Department and Joliet Fire Department are frequently called to investigate deaths in the area. Individuals, like 37-year-old resident Robert Long and Deshawn J. Green, have been discovered along the riverbank, sparking concerns among the community. Families of victims have raised suspicions of a potential serial killer targeting young Black men and casting them into the canal, leading to a growing sense of fear and unease in Joliet.

One grieving mother, Minnie Heath, whose son Anthony Dunn fell victim to the canal in 2021, has been vocal about her belief in a methodical serial killer at work. She has taken to addressing the City Council and posting videos on social media, urging the community to recognize the pattern of deaths and demand justice for the victims. The narrative of a potential serial killer has stirred controversy and skepticism about the official explanations provided for the deaths in the Des Plaines River.

In response to the rising concerns, the Joliet Police Department has announced its plan to hold a public safety open forum to address the community’s worries and provide insight into their efforts to combat crime in the area. Police Chief Bill Evans aims to foster a two-way communication process, allowing residents to voice their concerns and offer suggestions to improve safety along the riverfront. The forum, scheduled for June 26, will focus on high-profile cases, including the recent deaths in the Des Plaines River, to address rumors and misinformation circulating in the community.

The forum will also serve as a platform for the police to discuss their initiatives to enhance safety measures, such as the installation of more signs and cameras along the river. Chief Evans hopes that the event will facilitate transparency and cooperation between law enforcement and the public, emphasizing the ongoing commitment to ensuring the well-being of Joliet residents. The open forum is expected to become an annual tradition, highlighting the department’s dedication to addressing community concerns and fostering a safer environment for all residents.