Shocking video of Upper Hutt College student assault sparks investigation and community concern

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – The Upper Hutt College community is reeling from a brutal attack on a senior student, which was captured on video and circulated on social media. The incident, which occurred during lunchtime last Thursday, showed two junior students assaulting the senior while others looked on and filmed the assault. The school and police are currently conducting investigations into the matter.

The video, which has not been republished, depicted a schoolgirl lying on the ground as she was subjected to hair-pulling, kicks, and punches by the younger students. The violent nature of the attack has left the community shocked and outraged. In addition, at least five students were seen filming the assault on their phones, while others looked on as bystanders.

The brazenness of the attack has sparked concern among parents and members of the community, with many expressing outrage and disapproval of the assailants’ actions. The victim’s family has since contacted the police, and the two junior students are awaiting a decision on whether they will face suspension.

The school principal, Judith Taylor, acknowledged the unprovoked nature of the attack and expressed concern over the re-traumatization of the victim due to the circulation of the footage on social media. Efforts to address the issue include the implementation of an online portal for students to report harm anonymously.

Amidst the shock and concern, there are also questions about the wider impact of the incident on the school’s culture and the emotional well-being of its students. The community is grappling with the aftermath of the assault, with parents and members of the public expressing doubts and uncertainty about the school’s ability to address the issue effectively. Additionally, there is growing recognition of the need to create a safer and more supportive environment within the school to prevent future incidents.

It is clear that the repercussions of the assault extend beyond the immediate physical harm inflicted on the victim, prompting a deeper reflection on the school’s approach to addressing and preventing bullying and violence. The incident has prompted the school to address the issue of “snitches get stitches” culture, and to actively encourage a safer environment for reporting incidents of harm.

As the community continues to come to terms with the disturbing events, there is a collective call for accountability, healing, and a renewed commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all students at Upper Hutt College.