Shooter in Charlotte Tragedy Acted Alone, Police Confirm: No Friendly Fire

Charlotte, North Carolina – A month after a tragic incident that claimed the lives of four law enforcement officers, authorities in North Carolina’s largest city have announced that the shooter acted alone and was solely responsible for all casualties. The shooting, which took place on April 29, resulted in the deaths of four officers and left four others wounded, marking it as the deadliest attack on law enforcement officers since 2016.

According to Deputy Chief Tonya Arrington of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, the investigation has revealed that there was only one shooter involved in the incident, with no evidence of friendly fire. The officers from a U.S. Marshals Task Force were fired upon when they attempted to serve warrants at a residence in a residential neighborhood. The shooter, identified as 39-year-old Terry Clark Hughes Jr., was fatally shot by law enforcement officers during the confrontation.

During the intense 17-minute gun battle, Hughes, armed with an AR-15 rifle and a 40-caliber handgun, engaged in gunfire with the officers before eventually jumping out of a second-floor window and being shot in the front yard. Authorities initially suspected the presence of a second shooter but later determined that there was no friendly fire involved in the incident.

The investigation, which involved extensive review of video footage, interviews, and physical evidence, concluded that Hughes was the sole perpetrator of the attack. Despite initial confusion due to his movement between windows, it was established that there were no other guns in the house and the other occupants did not fire at the officers.

The officers who lost their lives in the tragic incident were identified as Sam Poloche and William Elliott of the North Carolina Department of Adult Corrections, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Officer Joshua Eyer, and Deputy U.S. Marshal Thomas Weeks. Police Chief Johnny Jennings described it as the most tragic event in the history of the department, highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by the officers in coping with the loss.

President Joe Biden had visited Charlotte to meet privately with the families of the fallen officers, underscoring the significance of the incident and the impact it had on the community. Despite the sorrow and challenges faced by law enforcement, authorities remain committed to carrying out their duties and ensuring the safety of the public in Charlotte.