Shooting at Stanton Neighborhood: Rideshare Driver Defends Against Nude Attacker

Stanton, California – A peaceful evening in a Stanton neighborhood took a violent turn when a rideshare driver was forced to defend himself by shooting a nude assailant, witnesses and law enforcement reported. The incident occurred on Sunday night in the 7000 block of Custer Way, where a man was seen brutally attacking a woman before turning his aggression towards the rideshare driver’s vehicle in a state of undress.

Eyewitnesses described the harrowing scene, with one neighbor recounting how he witnessed the man assaulting the woman through his window. The situation escalated as the suspect began pounding on the rideshare driver’s car in the nude, prompting the driver to take action in self-defense.

As tensions heightened, the rideshare driver fired warning shots when confronted by the aggressive suspect. Despite this, the assailant persisted, leading to a second shot being fired to protect himself. The driver promptly called 911 following the incident, while the female victim received immediate medical attention at the scene, and the suspect was taken to a local hospital in critical but stable condition.

Video footage from the scene captured the chaotic aftermath, with an SUV surrounded by evidence markers. The rideshare driver cooperated with authorities and was eventually released. However, Uber made the decision to suspend the driver’s access to the app in light of the incident, expressing deep concern over the reported details.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with firing warning shots, a practice that can have unintended consequences. The swift actions of the rideshare driver prevented further harm, showcasing the importance of quick decision-making in volatile situations. Orange County Sheriff’s Department is actively investigating the incident, as the community grapples with the unexpected violence that disrupted their typically serene neighborhood.