Shooting Leaves Two Dead, One Hospitalized in Coral Gables Domestic Incident

Coral Gables, Florida – A tragic domestic-related shooting in Coral Gables, Florida, resulted in the deaths of a man and a woman, with the woman’s son being hospitalized as a result. The incident occurred in an apartment building on Granello Avenue, prompting a swift response from Coral Gables Police.

Authorities were alerted to the shooting at around 9:40 a.m., following a 911 call from a 20-year-old man reporting the incident. Upon arrival, law enforcement discovered the bodies of a man and a woman who had been fatally shot, along with the injured 20-year-old male.

The wounded individual was quickly transported to Jackson South Hospital for urgent medical care and underwent successful surgery, currently in stable condition. Police have identified the deceased shooter as a 61-year-old man, who was in a domestic partnership with the 41-year-old deceased woman. It was revealed that the injured man is, in fact, the son of the deceased woman.

The tragic event unfolded in an isolated, domestic-related manner, reassuring the community that there is no imminent threat. Miami-Dade Police Detective Andre Martin expressed condolences to all those affected by the incident, emphasizing the importance of seeking help and resources in potentially violent situations of any nature.

The area where the shooting occurred is home to various living facilities, including a senior living center and the Gables Ponce apartment complex. Residents expressed shock and sadness over the incident, highlighting the availability of support for those in need. Nearby Coral Gables High School briefly implemented a lockdown for precautionary measures, but officials confirmed that the incident had no connection to the school itself.

As investigations unfold and details emerge, the community remains shaken by the tragic loss of life and the reminder of the importance of seeking help in times of crisis. The authorities continue to work diligently to uncover the full extent of the circumstances surrounding the shooting.