Soldier Killed in West Bank IED Attack During Counterterrorism Operation

JENIN, West Bank – Israel Police confirmed the tragic death of Sergeant Shay Germay, a border police soldier, who was killed when an explosive device struck the operational vehicle she was in during a counterterrorism operation in the West Bank. This marks the 60th fallen police officer since the beginning of the conflict.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) described the rescue near the West Bank city of Jenin as a harrowing mission under heavy fire, with helicopter support and a targeted strike on a terrorist squad by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The Magav vehicle had been hit by the IED in the Jenin refugee camp, initially wounding four Israeli troops. Unfortunately, Sergeant Germay later succumbed to her wounds.

In a statement, the IDF reported that another soldier is in serious condition, one in moderate, and a third lightly wounded as a result of the incident. The area where the attack took place has been a hotspot for conflict and tensions between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants.

The death of Sergeant Germay serves as a somber reminder of the ongoing violence and bloodshed in the West Bank. It underscores the risks and sacrifices made by military personnel in their efforts to combat terrorism and protect their country. The loss of a dedicated and brave soldier like Shay Germay is a tragedy that reverberates throughout the entire nation.

The tragic death of Sergeant Shay Germay in the West Bank brings the total number of fallen police officers in the conflict to 60. The Israel Defense Forces described the perilous rescue mission near Jenin, highlighting the dangers faced by military personnel in the region. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing violence and tension in the West Bank.