Stabbed: Victim speaks out on Matara’s Airbnb deception, just days before Starlet Wahu’s murder

MATARA, Kenya – Another victim has come forward to share her harrowing experience of being lured into an Airbnb by suspected serial killer, and stabbed just five days before the murder of Starlet Wahu. The victim’s account adds to the growing number of women who have spoken out against the alleged perpetrator.

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, described how she was enticed by Matara’s charming demeanor before being viciously attacked. The incident occurred in close proximity to the murder of Wahu, further fueling the mounting evidence against the suspect.

Matara’s modus operandi appears to involve enticing young women to Airbnb accommodations before perpetrating violent acts. Authorities are working tirelessly to gather more information and build a solid case against the alleged serial killer. The brave women who have come forward are crucial in providing essential testimonies to aid in the pursuit of justice.

The community is urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior to the authorities. The safety and well-being of individuals are paramount, and collaboration with law enforcement is essential in preventing further tragedies.

In sum, the account of another victim has shed light on the disturbing pattern of behavior exhibited by the suspected serial killer in Matara. The courage of these women in speaking out is vital in the ongoing investigation. Authorities continue to work diligently to gather evidence and build a case against the alleged perpetrator.