Storms Plague Central Ohio: Multiple Dead as Tornadoes Cause Devastation in Logan County

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Multiple deaths have been reported after a series of severe storms and possible tornadoes ripped through parts of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana on Thursday night. The first tornado warnings in Ohio were issued around 8:30 p.m. and lasted until 10:15 p.m., with strong winds and unconfirmed tornadoes causing significant damage. Three individuals in Logan County were confirmed dead, according to the Logan County Coroner’s Office, with clean-up efforts set to commence on Friday.

Reports of a “mass casualty event” came from the Logan County Emergency Management Agency, with numerous trees downed and homes damaged. The Washington Township police chief, Michael Thompson, described the aftermath as chaotic, noting the extensive damage to streets, homes, and businesses. Emergency crews were working to restore services, and search and rescue efforts with cadaver dogs were scheduled to begin at dawn.

Indian Lake High School in Ohio turned into a triage center and shelter during a concert when tornado sirens went off. Superintendent Rob Underwood mentioned a swift response from the community, with healthcare professionals and volunteers aiding in emergency efforts. Indian Lakes and other schools in Delaware County were closed due to storm damage, with power outages affecting many residents.

In Indiana, the state police reported numerous significant injuries following a tornado in Winchester. Mayor Bob McCoy expressed shock at the destruction caused by the storm, with rescue teams on the scene working to assist those affected. The Indiana Department of Homeland Security and local officials were collaborating to respond to the disaster, with schools in the area closed and emergency shelters set up.

Kentucky also experienced storm damage, with Trimble County suffering damage to at least 50 structures. Governor Andy Beshear confirmed a tornado in Gallatin and Trimble counties, urging residents to remain vigilant as more severe weather was expected. Coordination efforts were underway at the state’s emergency operations center to address the impacts of the storms.

Severe weather was forecasted into the night across several states, with the National Weather Service monitoring the situation. The events led to significant property damage, injuries, and disruption to communities, highlighting the importance of preparedness and response in the face of natural disasters.