Strangulation Suspect Accused in Vermont Woman’s Murder Appears in Court

Brattleboro, Vermont – A Rhode Island man faced a judge on Monday morning in connection to the death of a Vermont woman in February 2023. Shawn Conlon, 44, pleaded not guilty to 2nd-degree murder back in January for the killing of Claudia Voight, a 73-year-old Windham resident.

Voight was discovered lifeless in her home on February 20, 2023. Authorities revealed that Conlon had been renting a room in Voight’s residence and ceased rent payments in late 2022. Despite not paying, he continued to stay in her house until the fatal attack occurred. Conlon was later apprehended in Connecticut.

During the court proceedings, Voight’s daughter recounted her interactions with Conlon and described the chilling moment she discovered her mother deceased. Conlon opted to forego his rights to proceed with the hearing and is scheduled to appear in court again on Thursday to address bail considerations.

Journalist Adam Sullivan will provide extensive coverage of the hearing during his reports airing tonight at 5 and 6. The case continues to unfold as the legal process progresses, shedding light on the tragic circumstances surrounding Voight’s untimely demise.