Struggling Local Businesses Consider Lawsuit in Wake of Fort Worth Hotel Explosion

FORT WORTH, Texas – The aftermath of the explosion at the Sandman Hotel in downtown Fort Worth on January 8 continues to impact local businesses, with some owners considering legal action. The explosion resulted in 21 injuries but fortunately, no fatalities were reported.

A month later, the cleanup efforts are ongoing, affecting the flow of customers to nearby businesses. O’Hanlon, Demerath, and Castillo, a law firm located near the site of the explosion, is contemplating a lawsuit on behalf of their firm and other struggling small businesses in the area. In response to the impact on their business, the owner of Cowtown Segway Adventures, Tim Ballard, stated that they lost up to 45% of foot traffic due to the incident, and is considering joining the lawsuit.

The aftermath of the explosion has sparked several lawsuits. One such lawsuit was initiated by Christopher Medearis against Atmos Energy, Sandman Management, and Northland Properties Corp, seeking a minimum of $1 million in damages. Additionally, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of Karen Mayte Lopez Ontiveros, who was injured during the explosion, alleging that the entities named in the suit failed to take action despite her warning of gas in the building.

Amidst the ongoing legal proceedings, Atmos Energy has filed a lawsuit seeking to absolve itself from cases seeking damages, claiming to be named in nine cases representing 33 individuals. The impact on the local businesses, combined with the legal actions being taken, reflects the long-lasting effects of the explosion on the Fort Worth community.

The fallout from the explosion continues to pose challenges for the affected businesses as they navigate the cleanup and consider taking legal action to seek compensation for their losses. The situation highlights the complex and far-reaching consequences of such incidents, as well as the potential for prolonged legal battles in the aftermath of a disaster. As the cleanup efforts persist and the legal actions unfold, the community remains affected by the aftermath of the Sandman Hotel explosion.