SURRENDERED: Man wanted for deadly shooting in Houston turns himself in after 6 months

Houston, Texas – After evading authorities for six months, a man wanted in connection with a deadly shooting in north Houston has turned himself in to the Donna Police Department. Roberto Madrigal, 30, surrendered and is now in the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service, awaiting extradition.

The shooting incident occurred on December 27, 2023, where Madrigal allegedly shot Jahmar Sampson and Rafael Smith at a business on Lee Road. Smith survived, but Sampson tragically passed away a week later. According to the Houston Police Department, the shooting stemmed from an argument.

Upon hearing the news of Madrigal’s surrender, Sampson’s mother, Rhonda Bailey, expressed relief and a hope for closure. She emphasized her desire for Madrigal to face trial for the loss of her son, stating that she believes he should receive a significant sentence.

Donna police have not disclosed the reason behind Madrigal’s decision to turn himself in. Despite this, Bailey shared her thoughts, speculating that he may have felt trapped or pressured to surrender.

For Bailey, the pain of losing her only child is still raw, as Sampson passed away just two days after his 33rd birthday. She remains firm in her belief that Madrigal should be held accountable for his actions and receive a harsh prison sentence.

As the legal process unfolds, Bailey remains resolute in seeking justice for her son. This turn of events marks a significant step towards closure for the family of Jahmar Sampson.