Suspect in Grafton Robbery Shot by Store Clerk in Custody: Clerk Thwarts Robbery Attempt

GRAFTON, Va. — Authorities have taken a suspect into custody following an attempted robbery at a York County convenience store which ended with the suspect being shot by a store clerk, according to the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office.

Scott R. Dudley, 39, from Newport News, was arrested and charged with robbery, abduction by force, and possession of stolen property from the incident which occurred at Joe’s Kwik Marts in Grafton on Nov. 28. He was also charged with grand larceny from a previous incident on Nov. 15.

The suspect, who had been previously hospitalized due to his injuries, is now being held without bond at the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail.

The robbery attempt was thwarted by the store clerk who shot the suspect, leading to the closure of the store for the rest of the day while deputies gathered evidence at the crime scene. Sheriff Ron Montgomery described the incident as a rare occurrence, involving a robbery that escalated to a shooting.

According to Montgomery, the suspect entered the gas station, announced the robbery, and managed to get money from the register before attempting to force the clerk into a bathroom. The clerk then shot the suspect in self-defense.

Officials found no weapon on the suspect, and his injuries were not life-threatening. The investigation is focused on determining the legal justification for the clerk’s use of force in the situation.