Investing in bonds for retirement: Know the risks

If you ask the average investor where they should allocate their assets when approaching retirement, they might say bonds. This is not necessarily the best advice. In retirement or nearing retirement, many investors use retirement bonds. It is important to align your asset allocation in retirement with your individual objectives, even if bonds are part of your portfolio.

How A U.S. Default Could Impact Your Financial Life

The failure to increase the debt limit, which determines the amount the US government can borrow to meet its financial obligations, could have far-reaching consequences for various aspects of American life. It could impact mortgage rates, paychecks for federal employees, and many other financial matters.

Are You Worried About A Recession? Consider These Three Investments

Concerns about inflation, fear of a future recession, and stock market volatility lead many Americans to postpone their retirement plans. According to a Nationwide Retirement Institute poll conducted in August, 40% of workers aged 45 and up had decided to hold off on retirement.

Here Is Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying A Bond

Bonds are a popular investment choice for individuals looking for a stable and predictable source of income. Bonds are essentially loans in which investors lend money to corporations, municipalities, or government agencies in exchange for interest payments and principal repayments.

Here Are Two Ways to Generate Retirement Income Without Working

An increasing proportion of retirees are employed in their golden years. Some choose to do so because it keeps them busy and involved, while others require additional revenue. But if you don’t want to work after retirement, other methods exist to augment your Social Security and retirement assets.  Here are two ways to generate a steady income from your assets. Owning dividend stocks Dividends are payments that a stock provides every quarter. However, some stocks …

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Passive Income Can Generate Wealth For You In Retirement

Imagine earning money just by sitting back and doing nothing. Thousands of people do it every day, believe it or not. Passive income investment is the notion that allows people like you to accumulate wealth without having to lift a finger.