Brawl Erupts over Wine Credit: Sujit Das Choudhury Attacks Owner in Violent Confrontation

Silchar, India – A violent brawl erupted at Ashram Road over an unresolved wine credit issue, leading to Sujit Das Choudhury allegedly attacking the owner. The assailants reportedly used glass bottles and iron rods to cause severe injuries to Kar and his staff before locking them inside the shop. The incident has caused shock and concern among the local community, highlighting the dangers of unresolved disputes escalating into violence. It serves as a reminder of …

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Why You Need A Good Credit Score During High Inflation

Credit score improvement is a possible inflation hedge to help you save money during rising expenses and interest rates. People with “very good” credit might save approximately $50,000 on mortgage, credit card, auto loan, and personal loan borrowing charges that people with “average” credit would have to pay.