Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Predicted to Spark Extraordinary Supply Shock and Bullish Trend in Crypto Market

PARIS, France – With the upcoming Bitcoin (BTC) halving on the horizon, experts in the cryptocurrency market are forecasting a significant impact on the leading cryptocurrency. Anticipation for an “extraordinary supply shock” is growing as analysts predict a substantial increase in the price of BTC following the halving. This decrease in the rate of new coin creation, resulting from the halving, historically triggers a supply shock, leading to a potential rise in asset price, according …

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What Happens to Your Bitcoin After Death?

Without your private key, your digital wallet is inaccessible to your heirs. In any case, being prepared ensures that your assets will be available when they need them.

Here Is What’s Wrong With Pensions, And Why Crypto Is Better

There are a lot of things wrong with pensions, and the problems seem to be getting for American retirees. Perhaps the biggest problem is lack of transparency. The lack of transparency in our nation’s public pensions makes it easier to commit fraud than with cryptocurrencies.