Man murdered by friends over unpaid debt in Hyderabad incident

Hyderabad, India: A tragic incident unfolded in Hussaini Alam on Tuesday night as a 28-year-old man lost his life in a brutal attack by his two friends. Mirja Ali and Shaheed allegedly murdered Masood Ali near Khilwat Ground after a dispute over a borrowed sum of 16,000 rupees turned deadly. The victim refused to repay the debt, leading to a confrontation that ended in a violent altercation with knives and boulders. The suspects, who had …

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Tesco Brawl: Homeless Men Clash After Debt Dispute Spills into Violence

Leicester, England – A confrontation between two homeless men outside a Tesco store in Leicester city center turned violent when a beggar called out to a younger man who owed him money. The incident, captured on CCTV and presented in Leicester Crown Court, showed 27-year-old David Newman assaulting the 41-year-old beggar. Newman walked past the beggar sitting on a duvet outside the store, prompting the altercation. According to prosecuting officials, the beggar confronted Newman about …

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Here Is What You Need To Avoid In 2024

In the larger picture, it may not matter much which financial choices you make. Your family’s visit could cause you to go over your grocery budget. Getting back on course after a detour is simple. However, some can do extensive harm and cost you thousands of dollars to repair.
There are several potential threats to your financial security as the new year begins. The ones you should be wary of are listed below.

How to Save for Retirement While Repaying Debt

Monthly budgets increasingly include a line item for the repayment of debt. According to a New York Life’s Wealth Watch division poll, approximately two-thirds of Americans have debt, and the poll indicated that credit card debt, house loan debt, and vehicle loan debt are the most prevalent.

Buy Now Pay Later Options Can Impact Your Savings

A growing number of Christmas consumers are utilizing buy now, pay later (BNPL) programs like Affirm and Afterpay. Financial gurus caution that it is a valuable instrument that can rapidly lead to debt accumulation.

How to Fix Credit Debt During Rising Interest Rates

Because of rising inflation, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates several times since March. The Fed is attempting to reduce inflation to its 2% target. Increasing the federal interest rate has repercussions in practically every economic sector, including financial instruments such as credit cards. Credit card APRs, or interest rates, are rising with Fed rate rises.