“LNG exports: ‘Selling it to the highest bidder'” – US Places Environmental Concerns in the Backseat

LAKE CHARLES, Louisiana – The Calcasieu Pass LNG facility is considered a beacon of light at night, but for John Allaire, a retired oil and gas engineer, it’s a source of concern. The facility, which “super-cools” fracked shale gas for export to LNG tankers, has raised environmental and social issues for neighboring communities. Furthermore, the expansion of the facility, known as CP2, has drawn attention from German state-owned business, Securing Energy for Europe, indicating Germany’s …

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Is ESG Investing A Good Fit for Your Portfolio?

It has been all the rage for several years now. Still, in recent times, it has come under assault from many different quarters due to the generational shift in demographics that highlights new marketing trends. What exactly does it mean to invest with an “ESG” lens?