What Age Will You Retire?

It is never too early to start thinking about retirement. However, as you get closer, you need to start considering when you want to retire. It is important to do this so that you can maximize your Social Security benefits.

How FRA is changing if you’re turning 66 in 2024

Changes to Social Security in 1983 have gradually moved to change concerning FRA. As the graph beneath shows, this is the point at which you arrive at full retirement age, given the year you were born. 1943-1954 – 66 1955 – 66 and two months 1956 – 66 and four months 1957 – 66 and a half year 1958 – 66 and eight months 1959 – 66 and 10 months 1960 or later – 67 …

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The Ugly Truth About Working Longer And Social Security Benefits?

If you’re like most seniors, your retirement income will be dominated by Social Security payouts. Approximately fifty percent of older Americans rely on Social Security for at least fifty percent of their income, and twenty-five percent rely on it for ninety percent.