Washington State Couple Arrested for Murdering 74-Year-Old Man as Part of Financial Fraud Scheme

Mercer Island, Washington – Authorities have arrested a man and a woman in Southern California in connection with the murder of a 74-year-old man from Washington state. Curtis Engeland was reported missing by his family on Feb. 24, a day after he was last seen at his home on Mercer Island, near Seattle. Initially treated as a missing person case possibly involving a kidnapping, the investigation took a grim turn when Engeland’s body was found …

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Disappear- Mercer Island man’s death linked to financial fraud and elaborate scheme by suspects

Mercer Island, Wash. – A sinister plot unfolds as suspects Philip Brewer, 32, and Christina Hardy, 47, are accused of orchestrating the disappearance and subsequent death of Mercer Island resident Curtis Engeland. The pair allegedly sought to eliminate Engeland to take over his property, using his financial accounts to fund extravagant purchases along the way. The unsettling saga began when Brewer and Engeland, having met through a dating app, embarked on a second date at …

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Here Is How To Protect Yourself And Your Retirement Funds.

Fraudsters often target retirees for various reasons, such as vulnerability, isolation, and lack of technical knowledge. Fraudsters can use different tactics to scam retirees, including phishing scams, fake investment schemes, identity theft, and more.