Infant Safety Study Reveals Alarming Link to Unsafe Sleeping Habits

In Johannesburg, South Africa, a recent study has found a concerning link between unsafe sleeping practices and a significant number of sudden infant deaths. The research revealed that the improper positioning or bedding of infants contributed to a high percentage of these tragic occurrences. Over 68% of the sudden infant deaths investigated in the study were associated with unsafe sleeping environments, where infants were placed in positions or surrounded by materials that increased the risk …

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Here Are Eight Habits Of Highly Effective Retirees

Habits may shape your life in significant ways. Habits are frequently the deciding factor between daydreaming and actualizing. Those who are physically fit make regular time for workouts, and musicians regularly engage in the practice. Writers frequently produce written work.
The pathway to anything worthwhile is usually achieved because of the formation of a habit.

What additional habits can ensure a comfortable retirement?