Attack at New Plymouth Emergency Housing Motel Linked to Drug Quest

New Plymouth, New Zealand – The Braemar Motor Inn in New Plymouth became the scene of a horrifying attack in October 2022 when a group visited the emergency housing motel in search of drugs. What began as a drug-seeking mission quickly escalated into a brutal assault on a resident whom they accused of being a “child molester.” Maxien Chand, Jay Paul Jorgen Andersen, and Veronica Poa arrived at the Braemar Motor Inn late in the …

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Farm Workers Expose Poor Housing Conditions After Deadly Mass Shooting in Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay, California – Last year’s tragic mass shooting in Half Moon Bay shed light on the poor housing conditions of farm workers in the area. The incident left three workers dead and exposed the hardships and challenges faced by these workers on a daily basis. As a result, there has been a growing concern for the safety and well-being of farm workers in the region. Upon visiting the area, I was given an …

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The Retirement Housing Crisis: Affordable and Accessible Solutions for Retirees

As retirement approaches, many retirees face new challenges, particularly regarding housing. Recent statistics indicate that affordable, accessible, and suitable housing are among retirees’ most pressing concerns. In the United States, the retirement housing crisis already affects millions of people. Affordability remains one of the most significant issues, partly because over 40% of retirees have less than $100,000 in savings. Additionally, accessibility and suitability issues are highly concerning for many retirees, especially those with mobility challenges.