Is Maxing out Your 401(k) the Best Option in 2024?

When saving for retirement, you now have several options to select from. One of your options may include a 401(k). Financing a 401(k) plan may result in an employer match, which is essentially free retirement money. Hence, if your employer plan offers a match, it pays to contribute enough to collect it in full. This may motivate you to contribute as much as possible to your employer’s 401(k).

Want More Money In Retirement? Consider these Income Streams

In retirement, you will need to discover a means to support yourself. Social Security is one of your options, and you should be eligible for retirement payments if you have worked and accumulated work credits for at least ten years. If you have contributed to an employer retirement account employment, you will ideally have access to savings as a source of income.

Here Are 10 Excellent Substitutes For Long-term Care Insurance

Long-term care is unquestionably expensive; if you require it, it will likely be your largest retirement bill. The DHHS (United States Department of Health and Human Services) estimates that eldercare recipients will spend $138,000 on average this year. And the likelihood of requiring some type of long-term care is greater than many believe.

Medicare Is Unaffordable Even With The Increase In Social Security

Even increased Social Security will not be enough to cover future healthcare costs, according to a new report. These findings come despite the recent positive news that older persons would get an 8.7% boost in Social Security payments for the next year and a $5.20 reduction in monthly Medicare Part B costs.