Study: Millennials Prefer Remote Work for Work-Life Balance and Flexibility

Orlando, Florida – A new partnership between Cox Media Group and a local television station is set to revolutionize the way news is delivered to viewers across the region. As part of this collaboration, viewers can expect a fresh approach to reporting that is both informative and engaging. This innovative venture aims to provide viewers with up-to-date news and information while also offering opportunities for career advancement within Cox Media Group. By visiting the Cox …

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What To Know About Retirement Deadlines and Expectations

Retirement is an inevitable stage of life that eventually catches up with everyone. Even if you don’t voice it out loud, at some point while toiling away at your nine-to-five job, eventually, it will dawn on you that spending the remainder of your life in this manner is not what you desire. That’s when the questions about retirement start surfacing, and you realize that the future is now.