Shooting Rampage Ends at University of Nevada, Las Vegas: New Video Shows Campus Police Shootout

Las Vegas, Nevada – Campus surveillance footage released recently depicted a harrowing shootout between a campus police officer and a gunman, bringing an end to a fatal rampage at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in December. The footage, part of around 20 hours of video and audio files made public on Thursday, also captured Las Vegas police officers assisting a severely injured professor who emerged from the UNLV business school before collapsing on a …

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Shocking Attack Unfolds in Nevada Courtroom

Reno, Nevada – A shocking incident took place inside a courtroom in Nevada, where a judge was attacked during a court proceeding. The assailant, identified as Andrew Koenig, allegedly punched the judge in the face before being subdued by a courtroom marshal. The attack occurred as the judge was presiding over a child support hearing. Koenig, who was involved in the hearing, suddenly became agitated and lashed out at the judge. The courtroom was filled …

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Florida’s High Cost Of Living Driving Retirees To New Locations

The allure of palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze and year-round sunshine has captivated retirees from all walks of life who dreamed of Florida as their retirement haven. Florida was the epitome of retirement bliss with its sprawling retirement communities, endless golf courses, and abundant recreational activities. However, the rising tide of expenses, including soaring property taxes, insurance, and housing prices, has shattered the dreams of many retirees who once called Florida home.