Serial Killer Shipman’s Suicide Timed to Secure £100,000 Pension Payout for Wife

London, England – Notorious serial killer Harold Shipman, who was convicted in January 2000 and sentenced to life in prison, died by suicide in prison on January 13, 2004. Shipman’s motivation for his heinous crimes was never fully determined. According to prison records, Shipman strategically planned his suicide to ensure that his wife would receive a substantial pension payout. His calculated timing aimed to secure a £100,000 lump sum payment and an additional £10,000 annually …

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Here Is What’s Wrong With Pensions, And Why Crypto Is Better

There are a lot of things wrong with pensions, and the problems seem to be getting for American retirees. Perhaps the biggest problem is lack of transparency. The lack of transparency in our nation’s public pensions makes it easier to commit fraud than with cryptocurrencies.