Should You Use Your Home Equity to Combat Inflation?

Image by These days, seniors and retirees face a double whammy: inflation is fast approaching 10%, and stock and bond markets have declined by 10% to 20%. Meanwhile, home equity might have appreciated significantly, making it tempting to tap it for financial support. Taking advantage of your home equity might be a viable solution. Choosing the right method for you requires research. Several ways can help you finance your retirement using your home equity. …

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Here Are 10 Excellent Substitutes For Long-term Care Insurance

Long-term care is unquestionably expensive; if you require it, it will likely be your largest retirement bill. The DHHS (United States Department of Health and Human Services) estimates that eldercare recipients will spend $138,000 on average this year. And the likelihood of requiring some type of long-term care is greater than many believe.