Discontinued: Missouri Panera Bread to Stop Selling Highly-Caffeinated Charged Lemonade Linked to Deaths

Dixon, Missouri – Panera Bread locations in Missouri, including one in Dixon, have announced the discontinuation of their highly-caffeinated Charged Lemonade drink due to its alleged connection to multiple deaths. Reports suggest that the decision was made following several lawsuits against the company by families who claim that the drink, with its high caffeine content, played a role in the untimely deaths of their loved ones. The controversy surrounding the Charged Lemonade drink has sparked …

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Consider Downsizing in Small Steps

Sifting through a lifetime’s worth of possessions can be daunting if you’re downsizing in retirement or cleaning out a loved one’s house after they pass away. In most cases, people won’t buy anything except rare books, vintage vinyl records in excellent condition, or untouched Cabbage Patch Kids.

“LNG exports: ‘Selling it to the highest bidder'” – US Places Environmental Concerns in the Backseat

LAKE CHARLES, Louisiana – The Calcasieu Pass LNG facility is considered a beacon of light at night, but for John Allaire, a retired oil and gas engineer, it’s a source of concern. The facility, which “super-cools” fracked shale gas for export to LNG tankers, has raised environmental and social issues for neighboring communities. Furthermore, the expansion of the facility, known as CP2, has drawn attention from German state-owned business, Securing Energy for Europe, indicating Germany’s …

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Canadian Man Faces Multiple Murder Charges Connected to Selling Poisonous Chemicals to Suicide Victims

TORONTO, CANADA – A former chef, Kenneth Law, is facing serious charges after being accused of supplying a poisonous chemical to individuals who died by suicide. Police in Canada have charged Law with 14 counts of second-degree murder and have linked him to an alarming number of deaths. Law is also facing additional charges of aiding and counselling suicide in connection to the same Ontario deaths, for a total of 28 charges. The investigation into …

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